Dark Side of the Sun, by Andrew Dymond

darksideCom-Officer, send this message:  Captain SoueDva, Tenth Operational Peacekeeper Taskforce to Nomad Trader Jansz.  It is my great pleasure to inform you that you, and your scurvy fleet of fruit-sucking economic subversives, are under arrest.  You have one minute to surrender or I will personally throw the switch on the weapons that will immolate you.
You have a way with words, Evbow
-SoueDva and Evbow, of the Peacekeepers

Summer time can be a boring one for fans of sci-fi television.  Reruns are all over the place.  But it’s a good time to catch up on things you’ve missed, or to try something new.  This happened to me recently, so I started watching Farscape on the Sci-Fi Channel.  I figured I’d have the same opinion as Babylon 5…not a bad show, but not one I particularly feel like watching much of.

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  I’ve been hooked.

Why is this relevant?  Well, as a result, I picked up the two novels that have come out set in the Farscape universe.  I may review the first book at some future date, but since I wanted to stay current, I present Dark Side of the Sun.

For those unfamiliar with the show….astronaut John Crichton, during a test of his experimental Farscape I module, was sucked through a wormhole to a galaxy far, far away (whoop!  wrong franchise!).  He ended up on a living prison ship called Moya, which had just been liberated by a few of its former prisoners.  They don’t always get along; Rygel XVI is the deposed Dominar of Hyneria, Ka D’Argo is a Luxan warrior, and Pau Zotah Zhaan is a Delvian priestess.  Also along for the ride are Moya’s Pilot, a former Peacekeeper commando named Aeryn Sun (and no, the Peacekeepers are not nice folks to begin with), and Chiana, a Nebari delinquent.  I won’t go into details about the characters, since the book does an adequate job on the basics.

It’s been about seven months since Crichton’s arrival; while attempting to practice good dental hygiene, Crichton accidentally infects Moya with a rather unpleasant disease…one that is beyond the crew’s ability to cure.  Luckily, Zhaan suggests that they seek out a Free-Trader named Jansz (that’s “pirate” for the less enlightened).  Jansz is a rather…interesting being, even in the rather well populated sci-fi genre.  A deal is struck that is almost to everyone’s satisfaction.  Unfortunately, a monkey wrench is thrown into the plan-Rygel discovers an old flame being held captive by Jansz.  Did I mention that Moya’s crew doesn’t always get along?  And things start to get really complicated when another life form makes itself known to Moya….

In some ways, I rather enjoyed this book.  Crichton’s a bit of a smart-ass, but he’s a basically decent guy.  We get a good luck at Rygel’s life before he became a prisoner of the Peacekeepers, and we get lots of infighting amongst the crew-which is for the most part, understandable, given the plot.  However, there were aspect that seemed contrived, especially concerning Chiana and Aeryn.  Now, I’ll admit I haven’t seen all the episodes of Farscape, but unless I’m wrong, there will be aspects of the book which may seem a little out of character.  And that’s one of the other weaknesses of this book; it does seem to rely a bit on familiarity with the series.  That’s all well and good for many licensed properties like Star Wars and Star Trek, but Farscape is a series that’s on a cable network that may not be available to a wide audience.  I think that a bit more background info would’ve been helpful, seeing that it is only the second Farscape book that’s been released.

I’m fortunate; since they’ve been replaying Farscape on the Sci-Fi channel almost daily over the summer, I can say that this was a decent book, although not stellar.  But readers interested in Farscape may want to bypass Dark Side of the Sun in favor of the other book, House of Cards, which may be a bit friendlier to readers new to Farscape.

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2 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Sun, by Andrew Dymond

  1. Reblogged this on writingindevizes and commented:
    Long time ago, when Star Trek stopped being shown at the ZDF, I turned to Star Trek novels, so can definetely relate to this. Dark Side of the Sun is a very interesting title, too. Have watched Farscape (though at first not taking it seriously with fan eyes) might read this (although I have way too many books already, nevertheless sounds interesting)

    • If you find that this one’s entertaining, I’d also recommend another Farscape novel, House of Cards by Keith R.A. Decandido; I’d never gotten to reviewing that book back in the day, but I felt it was the best of the three Farscape novels I’m aware of-he really nailed the voices of the characters.

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