About the Archive

The Storyteller’s Archive was a site where I threw up my opinions on various books, most of which were in the Science-Fiction/Fantasy genre.

The Archive first opened approximately June, 2002; I can’t get more exact than that, since a data move lost my old updates page.  It ran more or less continuously (with a couple extended breaks) until March, 2005, when a number of real life issues came up and I locked the Archive up.

The Archive was originally a self-made web site-fairly primitive by today’s standards.  Frames were newfangled stuff, and .css stylesheets had yet to even be a concept.  Still, it was a nice little site, and it was mine, and it allowed me to express my thoughts on new and older books.  Unfortunately, that site became history when my ISP decided it didn’t want to offer web-space to its members anymore, and the site was pretty much finished.  At that point, I figured that’d be that.

Life happens, though.  When the domain name for the site came up for renewal, despite my best attempts to ignore it with an expired credit card, they managed to find a way to renew it anyway.  I felt a little bad about squatting on a perfectly good domain name, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Then I thought to myself, “there’s a perfectly good blogging site in WordPress out there.  What if I moved all my reviews there?”  After all, just because the ISP hosed my old site, that didn’t mean I didn’t have access to all the reviews on my computer.

So here it is:  over time I’ll represent the reviews on the books I’d read.  There’s no plans to reopen the Archive and start reviewing again; some of those issues alluded to above are still around, so time’s kind of at a premium.  But should I decide to do so…be nice to have a place already set up for it.

Incidentally, the image for the Archive is a work by L. Menabe.  See the full thing here.


3 thoughts on “About the Archive

  1. iamborg1of1

    ok, I’m an old person and good literature doesn’t know age. So I want to read you but I can’t seem to get your site to open the archive. I’m a ST, TNG, STV & DS9 fan.

    • Well, the Archive is just a WordPress blog, so really, clicking on categories or clicking on “older posts” at the bottom of the main blog should pretty much bring up all the entries so far. If there’s a problem beyond that, you’d probably have to contact the folks at WordPress for tech support. I just throw up old content.

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